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Extensions are available in aplenty, thanks to the Chrome heritage, as are themes to personalise the aesthetic. Brave is a relative newcomer when compared to all of those listed above, making its debut as recently as But for consumers, the freedom from intrusive ads can make the web a place where you can breath once more. This is all done via the Brave Rewards scheme, which is an innovative idea and has the added bonus of allowing users to essentially pay tips to sites they enjoy.

All that aside, Brave is a slimline app that speeds its way around the web.

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There's a good chance you haven't have heard of Vivaldi, or at least the browser rather than the 17th century Venetian composer. Vivaldi has some two main focusses: privacy and customisation. So, if you want to take control of your browsing experience in a granular fashion then it may well be the grail at the end of your quest.

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At its heart, Vivaldi is similar to Google Chrome as it uses the Chromium engine. This gives it the advantage of having a built-in Adobe Flash plugin and the fact that you can even use Chrome's plugins.

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Where it differs is in its attitude to your data. Once you set up a password on your Mac you can sync your devices only macOS at present knowing that everything in protected by end-to-end encryption that not even Vivaldi can see.

Abusive ads that track you are blocked by default and there are various other settings to minimise any intrusions to your privacy. Like Opera, Vivaldi has a side bar containing various options such as downloads, bookmarks, history, plus a few innovative options.

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One is Notes, which allows you to quickly jot down information without having to leave the browser. This is great if you're researching something or just want to remember a quote.

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Web panels is another clever feature, in that it enables users to setup mini versions of webpages that can be accessed by clicking on its panel name. This is best suited to messaging services but also for Twitter and mobile optimised sites, as they will fit into the single column view. More Insider Sign Out.

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