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What I like is that it is always working. I can store past files. It easy for my customers to use to.

They don't need to have Hightail to receive documents. Using Hightail for my business is a wonderful tool, allows me to share real big files and give me the opportunity to learn if the customer has downloaded it. Super simple to use. I love the drag and drop feature as well as the password protection and expiration date options. I wish there was a history of the files that I have sent with links included. I also issues with the expiration date feature. Easy to use. Easily customized. Handles VERY large files easily within the parameters of your account.

Speedy upload. Great dropbox option. Lots of storage available. Have been using Hightail since long before they changed the name. Always my "go to" when doing file transfers, unless a client forced me to use their ftp or other method. Have never had a bad file transfer. Would highly recommend for either their free version or the paid customizable one.

Have used both. Have not use the collaboration portal, but expect that it is just as good as the rest of the site. There are no hassles with ftp sites or slow and vulnerable dropbox sites. Gives my company a professional look. The 'send file by Hightail' option no longer comes up in the pop-up menu when I right click a file in windows explorer. Missing Sendit that way. Now with the new Hightail interface I have to click on the program icon first to launch the program, login with password and then insert file. Yearly payment is automatic.

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I use it and forget it. No hassles and it works every time. And more professional look for my company than the 'dropbox' for the masses. I enjoy the ease of use for recipients. I never have to answer any questions on how to download the file.

Here are 12 great tools that will make sending large files to clients smooth and worry-free.

This moves my projects along faster. I also like that I can place a time limit on the data I am sending so it's not available for longer than my vendor needs it. That way, I know I am being responsible with my customer data. I have some difficulty with the drag and drop feature.

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For some reason, it doesn't let me do this. For this reason, I resort to uploading it. No big deal, I still enjoy the product. They make us use WeTransfer or Dropbox. Very good with the exception of the recent changes. You are welcomed to call me for a discussion at My company sends a high quantity of large files on regular bases internationally for reviews and translation edits. This is the best way to track and send these files. Easy to use and very cost effective. I've never actually paid for any of the files I've sent, which has been awesome.

The software is easy to learn and use. I use it to share large files and to share files overseas. I can get my files quickly and easily! uses cookies.

And I can easily access the site whenever I need making it super convenient. Time to upload can be slow depending on internet not really a fault of the software. But other than that - no complaints! Honestly, for the last 3 years I have been semi-retired and not using the platform as much as when I started.

I've been with this appreciation for a long time. Wish I could select my folders and have the software automatically zip them for transmission. Also wish I could queue several folder batches to be sent. I especially like the ease of use and the long term storage. It's a great value for the price! We use this from a delivery perspective in sending files.

From this perspective it works very efficiently with very little problems. I have been using this service since it was YouSendIt That worked quite well. Then they went and tried to get all fancy.

With features and price. I have had nothing but frustration since. Stay away! Apologies won't get my files back. Spaces, except you, can't subdivide categories. Sending files to Clients worked well. It is easy to use, and it is dependable. But I hate when people make me write more than I want to, when I am doing them a service.

Don't have any cons. Convenience of use and control over distribution of internal projects such as video files. Sometimes files are not viewable by team members who have slower internet connections.

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Excellent method of distributing video programming projects to members and friends for their editing review with greater control over private video distribution. Very economical to use and fast distribution.

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A convenient way to share video programming projects with friends across the globe although in my situation the video programming is sent primarily within the United States. This service would be just the perfect cloud service out there if it could sync your files to the cloud from any drive on your computer through its sync service. Google drive does it, Dropbox does it and many others Hightail offers the incredible plan promising unlimited storage space. But you only can sync files located on your operating system main drive not external or backup drives.

On the age of SSDs their fantastic offer becomes somehow unusable and at a certain point cynic and unfair So if it is just for sending large files, use the beautiful "wetransfer", cause the synching offer from hightail is just ridiculous limited.