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Excel 2007 VBA Edit Mode and Design Mode

Make sure that you are in design mode. On the Developer tab, in the Controls group, turn on Design Mode. Point to the name of the object for example, CheckBox Object , and then click Edit.

microsoft excel - Can't exit design mode because Control 'xxxx' can not be created - Super User

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Right-click the selection, click Format Control , and then click the Web tab.

In the Alternative text box, type the text that you want displayed. Expand your Office skills.

Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

Selecting a control is sometimes difficult and unpredictable. There can be several reasons for this:.

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Because a Form control can contain text or other objects such as an image , when you try to select the control, you might not be selecting the entire control if you do not position the pointer precisely on the control border. If Excel is not in Design mode, when you try to select an ActiveX control, you might unintentionally start an action, such as running a macro or selecting a check box. First, determine the type of control that you want to select.

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  • Because there are three different types of controls and objects that you can modify uniquely, you may not know for sure which type of control it is just by looking at it. To determine the type of control you are working with, right-click the control, and then note the following:. If the shortcut menu contains the command Assign Macro , the control is a Form control.

    If the shortcut menu contains the command Properties , the control is an ActiveX control, and Excel is in Design mode.

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