How to add downloaded books to kindle mac

Transfer Kindle Books to Your Kindle via USB

Scroll down to the File Sharing section on the Apps tab. Click on Kindle in the Apps list. Click the "Add Sync your iOS Device. Disconnect your iOS Device from your computer. Launch the Kindle app on your iOS Device. If prompted, choose the option to "Mount as disk drive" on your Android device.

Navigate to the sdcard directory on your Android device—which should now show up as a disk drive on your computer—if it doesn't mount to that directory automatically. Another easy way to read Kindle books on Mac OS Simply follow the steps outlined in the description of the previous procedure on how to download kindle books to macOS Get from App Store.

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    You can also drag-and-drop PDFs to iTunes from your Mac, so if you've got a great book that isn't in ePub form, you can still read it in iBooks. As for the features, iBooks on the Mac has most of the same tools and themes as iBooks on iPhone and iPad, like color options, text size and style customizations, highlighting tools, dictionary lookup, notes, sharing, illustration rendering, voice over, and more.

    If you are knee-deep in the Apple ecosystem, iBooks is the best e-reader on your Mac.

    Reading your personal documents on a Kindle has never been easier

    You'll love the ability to sync your eBooks and audiobooks across all of your devices. The Kindle reader on Mac is ideal for people that purchase, rent or borrow books from Amazon, which supplies the largest digital book collection.

    How to Read Kindle Books on Mac

    When you sign in to your Amazon account, you can access all Amazon books in your library. You can't browse the Amazon books store from the Kindle app, but when you buy a book on Amazon, it will be added to your collection, which you can access from all your devices, whether they are Apple, Android, or Windows. Amazon supports borrowing books, renting textbooks, sampling books, and more. It is especially beneficial to Prime subscribers. Prime reading offers hundreds of free ebooks, magazines, and more. Kindle Unlimited, which is a subscription-based service, lets you read about a million titles including magazines and newspapers for a monthly price.

    Kindle on the Mac has plenty of customization features, too.

    Method 1 - Convert Kindle Books to iPad ePub on Mac

    You can change the theme to white, sepia, or black, and adjust the font size and style to tailor your reading experience. You can also add highlights and notes. One of my favorite features is the ability to browse through popular highlights from others that have also read the book. If you have a collection of ebooks you've purchased from Amazon, or if you are a Prime subscriber, use Kindle for the Mac to read and sync your books across all of your devices.

    OverDrive is the number one app for borrowing digital content from your local public library. All you need is an active library card and a PIN. Just like borrowing physical books, you can browse your library's entire collection of digital content and check out multiple titles at the same time. When you borrow an ebook or another item, you can download it on your Mac and access it as much as you want during your loan period.

    When your ebook is due, you don't have to worry about returning it to the library on time, it will automatically be removed from your Mac when your time is up. The OverDrive Read app on Mac is actually a web browser supported software program, but it's on this list because it is the officially supported app for borrowing books from public libraries.

    Kindle Fire - Transfering Files on to it (Mac)​​​ - H2TechVideos​​​

    Although you have to access the OverDrive Read on Mac from a web browser, you can download content for offline reading, listening, or watching. You'll need to bookmark the page so you can access it without an internet connection, but if you remember to download the content while you're online, you can continue reading while offline. OverDrive Read includes tools for changing the color, adjusting the size and style of font, adding notes, highlighting, and voice over for some titles.