2011 mac mini server ssd upgrade

It took a couple of hours of work, and along the way I made a few missteps that slowed me down—the wrong screw here, improperly reading the instructions about where to tuck some power cables there. By the time I went to bed last night, the server was up and running.

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It probably spent a few hours overnight rebuilding the Spotlight database and running some other backup checks, but by morning all of the housekeeping was done. The results were exactly as I had hoped—the Mac mini is like a whole new computer, fast and responsive. Sep 1, Arta, Greece.

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I have a Mac mini with Ssd and the difference is chaotic. Reactions: m. Larry-K said:.

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Does anyone buy a mini so they can hang copious amounts of junk off of it? MysticCow macrumors a.

May 27, OWC has a video for your specific model. The big thing is to be careful when removing the logic board, because the remote port is attached via a very and I mean VERY short cable.

Puzzle solved: A faster Mac mini server

Mess that part up and you lose the ability to use a remote. It's not hard, but I won't delude you and say it's just as easy as putting RAM in the mini. Kaida macrumors regular. May 28, 74 Singapore. Yeah, I suppose that is a problem.

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Although there is an HDMI port as well, of course. You could get a Thunderbolt dock I suppose, but that'd start pushing the cost up quite a bit MysticCow said:.

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Kaida said:. Dec 1, 3, Cedar Rapids, IA. It is not difficult, but you do have to be very careful not to damage or break the fragile connectors.

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  8. Be sure how they disconnect before trying to pry them apart. I added a OWC second drive mount which came with all the tools I needed and a pretty good step-by-step illustrated manual. Just take your time and have good lighting when you do it. If you simply must have external Thunderbolt disk and use the DisplayPort for your monitor, there are a few dual-port Thunderbolt enclosures out there that you could daisy-chain with your monitor.

    They are AC powered and usually house 2 or more disk drives. You might find a used or refurb Thunderbolt LaCie "Little Big Disk" which you can remove the hard disks and put a SSD and another disk inside and disconnect the irritating fan.

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    7. Akitio also makes a nice dual 2. IMHO, if you remove it, it goes back where it belongs. Relying on comments in Youtube videos isn't exactly the best idea: anybody can type anything! Allan Allan 47k 16 16 gold badges 75 75 silver badges bronze badges. Sorry, you haven't answer my question, is that two connectors removal is essential?

      CPU vs. RAM vs. SSD: Which Mac upgrades should you get?

      Lau May 8 '17 at Would I try to shortcut my way through it? Absolutely not. However, YMMV. Besides, nowhere in your question did you ask if it was "essential. Medical School or Games Industry?