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If you want a more permanent solution, you can choose the Save to Photo Album action instead. Once you have Workflow set up, making conversions is super-easy, and you can even tweak it to bulk-convert those images. Launch the app and tap Load a Photo. The first time you run it, the app will prompt you to allow access to your photo library. The app only works in portrait orientation — no problem on the iPhone, but annoying on the iPad.

The dedicated app looks easier at first, but the Workflow method is quicker once you set it up.

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And once Workflow is installed on your iPad or iPhone, you can use it for so much more. Cult of Mac.

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How to search scanned documents in your Notes app. Get caught up with hundreds of books in just 12 minutes each [Deals]. We also have a guide to using Preview on the Mac here. However, there are a lot of features that are available for free.

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Here you will also find the options to add a tick or a cross, a circle, or a line. Comment options include the ability to add a speech bubble, highlight, underline, and strike-through words. In fact, you can strike-through and add a related comment. All your comments will appear in the sidebar on the right.

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There are also tools here to draw and erase what you draw. A stamp tool with options like Approved, Revised, Confidential, Sign Here, and the option to import your own these need to be in the PDF format, but it could be a way to add an image. When adding a signature you have options to Type, Draw using a mouse or trackpad , or Image. If you opt for the latter you could import a scan or photograph of your signature - you can import any image this way, but it will appear translucent, with the background appearing behind it as you can see from our illustration.

Acrobat Reader offers enough features to make it worth the download. It can be a tad annoying when it looks like you need to get a subscription to use features that it turns out can be performed without signing up, so beware of this before you spend. There are two options for editing that you can find in the menu at the top of the page: Annotate and Edit.

Under Annotate you will find the tool to easily add text to the PDF. You can choose the font and colour of the text here. However, you will find the better editing tools under Edit. Here you have the option to edit text, add images, add hyperlinks, and redact sensitive information you can choose to black out names, or you can search for a specific word and delete every occurrence of that.

We were able to select text and move it around the page. Back to the Annotate tab. Here you will find options to highlight, underline, or strike-through text, as well as a pan tool that means you can draw freehand in any colour, as well as change the line width and opacity.

In Annotate you can also add sticky notes and stamps e. These annotations can be exported as HTML, text or markdown. Adding a signature is also done via the Annotate tab. You can add more than one signature and these are added via the keyboard, trackpad, or an image. To add the signature to your PDF just drag and drop from the signature pane.

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You an also add a watermark yourself, perhaps your company logo, rather than having one added for you as is the case with some of the other trials looked at here. There was also the option to merge files, combine multiple documents into one PDF, or individual pages from multiple documents. We had one PDF that was scanned on our iPhone via the Notes app we explain how to scan a document with an iPhone here. Obviously such a document will only be recognised by the PDF editor if the editor has OCR abilities that are unlocked in the trial.

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  8. We were able to search normal PDFs though, and we were able to search for a word and redact every occurrence of it either by blacking it out, or deleting it. But if you need something long term this would be a good buy. This is the app to try if you want OCR optical character recognition capabilities. The resulting Word document actually we opened it in Pages was a little muddled, some of the translations were laughable. But the general content had come through well enough for us to be able to correct the mistakes.

    However, if you had scanned text from a book or a printout and you wanted to edit that then this is the app for you. Once in Word or Pages , you can edit the document as much as you like.

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    We did see a warning that fonts were missing, and there was a strange case of paragraph formatting that caused the text to wrap to the next line as if it was in a box, but it was a good effort we thought. As for collaboration and editing you have all the tools that are available in the app you end up opening the document in, be that Word, Pages, Excel, PowerPoint or something else.

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    It might not be spot on every time, but the fact that we were able to scan a document and export it to Word where we could edit it, was a real bonus. We were able to easily add and delete text from the PDF, with text reflowing automatically. However, we found that moving things around the page was tricky, and cutting and pasting text from one location to another was too fiddly. That said, you should be able to adjust the size or images and graphs in the original PDF if you wish.

    Adding a signature is possible. The options are to create the signature from typed text, from an image, with a camera, or by drawing with the mouse. We tried adding a signature we had scanned with the camera, dragging and dropping it onto the PDF was easy, but it looked terrible thanks to the grey background of the badly lit photograph. We tried creating a signature with the mouse and it looked a bit neater - although less like our signature.

    We were able to store more than one signature. To access the highlighter, strike-through and underline tools you need to click on Select - it took a while before we discovered this. Here you will also find a pencil for free-hand drawing, an erase tool which you will inevitably need for your scribbles , and a text box which will allow you to add comments if you are working with others on the document.

    To highlight or strike-through a word you click and swipe over the word. We found adding text notes via the text box was a little fiddly and as we mentioned above, we ended up with lots of empty text boxes around the page.