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Thanks all! This morning, with drives disconnected, there was no warning.

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Likewise after mounting drives. Apr 10, Although not necessarily related to unreadable disc warning, Time Machine was continually stalling in backing up to the Seagate 3TB.

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Formatting with Disk Utility seemed to solve this. Thanks noondaywitch.

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Apr 10, 1: Apr 12, 7: Forget I said that but thank you anyway! Formatting with Disk Utility didn't stop Time Machine's stalling, And unlike other posters, I'm not changing hard drives.

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But being unable to Force Quit cleanly out of the stalled backup is obviously causing the "Unreadable Disk" warning, cause its back. As far as my new iMac is concerned, Time Machine is dead to me. I'll just copy the entire hard disk to the new drive. Or use Seagate's backup software. Thanks anyway all!

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The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer More Less. Communities Contact Support.

How to fix/repair WD external hard drive not readable on Mac?

You see, while an app might appear to be deleted, associated files will be left on your system — files that could be preventing access to your external hard drive. CleanMyMac X has an Uninstaller tool that can define your installed applications and associated files and remove every trace of an unwanted app. Disk permissions keeps your files secure.

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Every file and folder has an associated set of permissions. Unfortunately, these can get messed up without you realising it, which can cause serious problems. You can fix these two ways.

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  4. How to access an external hard drive that's not showing up on Mac;
  5. Either manually, as we mention in this article , or using CleanMyMac X, which is far easier. The program will scan and fix any it finds that are broken or faulty.

    Your Mac should be running as good as new. In addition, you can try fixing this issue by third party software. You could select a reliable and good-quality utility to have a try. Nevertheless, some users may fear that their own improper operations will make further damage to the hard drive. In this scenario, you had better take recourse to specialists. They could give you some correct suggestions to help you get rid of this error.

    7 Solutions to “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer” Error on Mac

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    RSS Feed. Re-insert the Drive First of all, you can try re-connecting the hard drive to Mac. Update Mac Drivers Perhaps it is because that the driver on Mac is outdated, thereby not supporting the external hard drive. Access the Drive on Other Macs Provided that the above ways cannot make effects, you can attempt to access the drive on other Macs. Repair via Disk Utility Fortunately, Mac offers an inbuilt disk repair tool, called Disk Utility, which can fix most of hard drive issues.